Training How-to

Train your Agent with a Knowledge Base

Published @ 15/11/2023 by

author Fatos
Fatos, Founder @

Training your agent with your Knowledge Base is very simple! Here's how you do it.

Step 1

Navigate to the Knowledge Hub. You can access this by clicking on the following link.

Step 2

Once you're there, you can locate the website button in the section called 'Realtime Training'. Go ahead and give that a click.

Step 3

You will need to input your Knowledge Base's sitemap.

Please remember that our dataset works in real time and requires a proper sitemap to function correctly.

If your sitemap isn't formatted correctly, you might see an error message that will suggest how to fix it.

After you've clicked create, just sit back and relax. Our system will take care of downloading and adding the Knowledge Base to your agent's memory.

This way, your agent stays updated with all the latest information on your Knowledge Base.

And remember - if you get stuck or need any help, we're just an email away! We're always here to help!