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Knowledge Base

10 Answers

updated 2021/09/19 12:00

Learn all about our knowledge base features, from getting started to creating your knowledge base. This category contains all the how-to articles and steps that will efficiently guide you through the knowledge base product journey.

Helpdesk Widget

8 Answers

updated 2021/10/24 11:14

Answers to get started and learn about the Helpdesk widget. From widget setup, to adding new components such as answers, categories and messaging. 

Answer editor

11 Answers

updated 2021/09/22 15:40

Learn about the Answerly answer writing editor. Create answers with dynamic content by adding visuals and making it easy for your customers read through and understand the steps they need to complete with your product.


8 Answers

updated 2021/10/24 11:10

Find answers about primary and core functionalities of all the Answerly products as a whole.

Search Widget

8 Answers

updated 2021/09/23 19:22

Find answers about the setup, implementation, customization, and everything else you need to know to get started with the powerful Answerly Search widget.


3 Answers

updated 2021/10/24 10:49

Learn about Answerly pricing.


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Jack Willis

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8 Answers

updated 2021/10/24 11:20

Find the answers to the most asked questions about Answerly in general and all the product features!