Quality Control Systems

Published @ 15/11/2023 by

author Fatos
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Here at Answerly, we prioritize the quality of conversation your website visitors have with our AI chatbot. To ensure this, we've meticulously designed three quality control systems specifically meant to enhance the user's experience.

To access it, simply click on this link.

Here are the three systems that aid in boosting the conversation's quality:

Prevent Hallucinations

The first system we have in place deals with cases of low confidence. Essentially, the AI assesses the query passed by the user and cross-references it with your Knowledge Hub.

Through this cross-referencing, the bot determines a confidence score that essentially gauges how well the bot could answer the query.

In cases where the confidence score seems low, the bot, instead of providing a potentially incorrect answer, suggests that it's unsure about the provided query. To ensure your user isn't left hanging, it will typically redirect the user to your contact form.

Prevent Unrelated Conversations

The second system plays an important rule in maintaining the relevance of the conversation. The AI assesses if the query is related to the information provided in your Knowledge Hub.

In a scenario where the user's query is unrelated to your business or the Knowledge Hub, the chatbot kindly responds stating it can't assist with the specific query.

Prevent Offensive Messages

The third and final system we have in place ensures that the conversation is kept professional and respectful.

Using OpenAI's Content Moderation API, the chatbot screens the user's query.

If the query seems to contain rude or offensive content, or even violates OpenAI's Terms of Service, the chatbot promptly responds with "I can't help with that" to maintain decency in communication.

Side effects

A few things to keep in mind with these Quality Control Systems, their activation doubles the token usage per conversation.

Also, because of the extra evaluations these systems perform, replies might take an additional second.

Hope this gives you a clear understanding of our Quality Control Systems here at Answerly. If you have any more queries, don't hesitate to reach out!