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What is Real-time training

Published @ 15/11/2023 by

author Fatos
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Hey there! 😊

Real-time training is one of the fabulous features we have at Answerly, designed to keep your agent smart and in the loop.

The following datasets support updates in real-time:

  • Website
  • Google Sheet
  • Google Doc


So, imagine you add your frequently updated website as a data set. Any changes or updates you make on the website will automatically be recognized by Answerly, and will be synced with your agent.

This way, your agent stays knowledgeable about any fresh info, without you having to manually plug in updates.

Disabling real-time

Now, just in case you don't want to keep the sync in real-time, don't worry. We've got you covered. When you're adding your data set, you can simply select the "Do not sync" option in the dropdown menu.

This means the agent will only consider the data available at the moment of adding the data set and won't update it in real time.

Let me know if you have more questions. Happy training!