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Understanding the Layout

Published @ 03/08/2023 by

author Fatos
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The Content layout on Answerly's Knowledge Hub is pretty straightforward, once you get the hang of it! πŸ’‘

So, let's run through the different elements you'll see when you navigate through your Knowledge Hub content, which includes summaries, visions, link references, and emergencies.


Here, you'll see your content type and how many pieces of said content you have. For example, I have 47 summaries, and its telling me right here!


Up next to your right is the search bar. Yep, you guessed it! You can search your content right from here.


These multifunctional little things are there to help you sort your content because they are also the tags that you add when you create each piece of content!

So, each content can have multiple tags and each of these tags are transformed into easy-to-navigate tabs. Handy, right?

Content itself

Your content is displayed in a way that’s clean, top to bottom format. You'll have your title, then the content itself right beneath it. Easy-peasy!

Editing the Content

When you hover over a content block, you'll see two buttons pop up – edit and delete. You can guess what they do!

Deactivated content

If any content is deactivated, it will turn gray. It's our way of letting you know it won't have any influence on the chatbot.

Mass Actions

Each content type has a checkbox at its right side for mass actions.

Just select the boxes you need and look at the options that appear below the content – you'll see a button for "delete selected" or "select all".

And that's the general layout of your content on Knowledge Hub content! 🎈 Enjoy building your perfectly adapted business chatbot brains.

You're doing great!