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Published @ 03/08/2023 by

author Fatos
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Hey there!

The Knowledge Hub Manager in Answerly is where you can manage and create different brains for your chatbots. You're free to make as many Knowledge Hubs as you want, it all depends on what your paid plan allows you to do. 🧠

You can find your Knowledge Hub Manager here in this link!

The Knowledge Hub Manager has three tabs, as of right now. Here's a quick run through of what you'll be able to do once you're in there:


This is where you can make a new Knowledge Hub.

You'll need to fill in two fields:

Knowledge Hub name - It's just for your convenience, so you can find your Knowledge Hubs easier when assigning them to a chatbot.

OpenAI API key - This is essential for making your Knowledge Hub functional and smart. We use your OpenAI API key to power it up!


If you need to tweak anything in your existing Knowledge Hubs, this is the place to go. You can change both the Hub name and the OpenAI API key from here.

You can also delete an existing knowledge hub from this tab.

⚠️ Deleting a Knowledge Hub deletes all its content such as summaries & visions.


This feature allows you to pick the Knowledge Hub which you want to activate in the workspace.

All other pages in the Knowledge Hub, like Create or Browse Content, will be based on the active Knowledge Hub that's currently in your Workspace.

Simply choose your knowledge hub from the dropdown, and click Update workspace.

Now you can browse or create content for the selected workspace in the other pages inside the Knowledge Hub.

Hope this helps! Feel free to play around and explore. Happy building! 😊