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Adding explore to the Helpdesk widget

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Fatos Bediu


In the Helpdesk widget, you can manually structure and organize your widget by adding components that should appear when it's opened.

This is possible with the Helpdesk widget editor called Start page.

In the Start page editor, you can add components to the Helpdesk widget such as explore.

Explore is a component that contains all the answers and categories of your Knowledge base for your users to browse.

To add explore, first go to the Helpdesk widget Start page editor.

On the settings on the right, click Add component to add a new component to the widget and choose Explore.

Once you click on it, it will immediately show in the Helpdesk widget preview.

To save and publish the changes to your website make sure to click on Apply.

That's it, now you can add an explore component to your Helpdesk widget. 🙂

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