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Setting up the Contact Form

Published @ 01/08/2023 by

author Fatos
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Hey! 👋

Your visitors can contact you directly to your e-mail address from the chatbot widget!

The Answerly chatbot can send a contact form to visitors, in case it can't answer the queries! But it can also send the form simply if the visitor asks it to as well!

Find the contact form settings inside the Chatbot's human takeover page:

Input your Email address

This is where you will receive all the messages sent by your visitors through the chatbot.

Make sure to input an email that you check consistently - you wouldn't want to miss out on these important messages!

Set the Success Message

The Success Message is what your user will see after their message has been delivered. This little note reassures the visitor that their message has been received and you'll be getting back to them soon.

ℹī¸ The success message becomes part of the conversation!

Localization Strings

You can also change all the strings found in the contact form.

And that's it! Once you're done with these steps, the chatbot will provide an additional way for your customers to reach out to you!