Getting Started

Creating a Chatbot

Published @ 01/08/2023 by

author Fatos
Fatos, Founder @

Creating a new chatbot with Answerly is a simple and straightforward process 🚀

Firstly, when you sign up to Answerly, a chatbot will already be created for your account. But, if you need more than one chatbot, you can create as many as you want without any problem!

⚠️ The exisitng chatbot created in new accounts is not connected to a Knowledge Hub.

Chatbot Manager

You can create new chatbots in the Chatbot Manager page.

In the process of creating a chatbot, you will be asked to name it. Don't worry, the name is purely for organizational purposes and helps you find the specific chatbot in your account more easily.

Connecting to a Knowledge Hub

Once your chatbot is created, you need to connect it to a Knowledge Hub source right away. This will be the 'brain' of your chatbot, providing it with information to answer queries.

You can connect your chatbot to a Knowledge Hub source in the Knowledge Hub Source page.

✅ Just make sure you hit apply at the bottom right, blue button!

That's it! Your chatbot is up and running. Now you just have to customize it as you prefer, and embed it to your website!