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What are Seats

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Seats are collaborators that you can invite to work with you in the Answerly dashboard.

There are several types of collaborators:

  • Administrator
  • Agent
  • Editor
  • E-mail support agent


An Administrator is a collaborator that has access to everything in the dashboard except the payments. The administrator can collaborate and use all the features in the dashboard but will not be able to see the payment details and billings.


An agent is a collaborator that has access to e-mail and answer editor features. This means that an agent can see and reply to all emails and also can write and edit answers in the dashboard.


An editor is a collaborator that has access only to the edit answers page. This means that an editor can write, edit answers and categories in the edit answer dashboard.

E-mail support agent

An e-mail support agent has access only to the Answerly inbox feature. This means that they will be able to see and read all the emails that you receive and reply to them.

To invite a collaborator to work with you in the Answerly dashboard, follow the steps below:


Company page


Click on the 'Invite a Collaborator' button on the top right corner.

Invite a collaborator


In the popup modal:

  • Write the email of the collaborator you want to invite
  • Choose the correct permissions
  • Click 'Invite'
Invite collaborator

Once you click on invite, your collaborator will receive an email with all the details to sign up and start using the collaborator features.

That's it!

updated 2022/01/07 16:35