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Are answerly products Privacy/GDPR Safe

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Emma Gellis

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In short - Yes, Answerly is privacy safe for your visitors!

We're very proud to announce that our products do not collect any personally identifiable data. 

None of our functionality works around personally identifiable data. Our products have tracking features, but we do not save any personally identifiable data in our servers and databases as tracking is only used to enable functionality or render reports. 

Below you can read more about how and when our products collect data from your visitors.

Product tracking

All of our products have a feature that allows product usage tracking. We use this tracking to build helpful reports on how people use Answerly products on our customer's websites.

Product tracking at Answerly collects usage data to build statistics, but not to identify a person. Personally-identifiable data will not reach our servers, or we mask it in the case of IP addresses.

Widget Installer/Manager

At Answerly, our products may send a request to our servers with information about the current URL of the web page where the product is operating. 

We use this data to render our Widget Installer/Manager feature - which works by building a list of web-page URLs where our customers may have installed Answerly products.

This data is only sent once per URL and per visitor. Our products store non-identifiable information in the visitor's browser once they send the data, so it might not be sent again in the future.

If the data received already exists in our servers, it is dismissed and not stored in our servers. Personally-identifiable or IP addresses are not stored in our servers with this request.


None of our products will use cookies, whether you use the product tracking feature or you do not.

More info 

If you have any more questions about Answerly and privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at hi@answerly.io

updated 2022/01/07 16:35