Human Takeover

Published @ 11/09/2023 by

author Fatos
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Answerly gives you a variety of options when it comes to human takeover.

Now, what's human takeover? Well, it's a cool feature that kicks in when your visitor wants to connect with a human agent or when the chatbot isn't exactly sure how to answer a visitor.

To access it, simply click on this link.

Now, there are several modes of action when human takeover is activated. Let's delve into them one by one:

Contact Form

Answerly lets you set up a contact form that pops up when the human takeover signal is fired. Sounds complicated? Not to worry - we've prepared a full guide on how to make it happen here.

Redirect to URL

This mode redirects your visitor to a specific URL when the human takeover signal lights up.

There are three fields you need to fill out here - the URL you want to redirect your visitor to, the delay in milliseconds before the redirect happens, and an explanation of what the URL is all about.

This explanation helps the chatbot know how to present the redirection to your visitor.

For instance, if you provide "A contact form for ACME" as an explanation, the chatbot will let your visitor know something like "Hold on a sec, I'm directing you to ACME's contact form." Neat, huh?

Suggest Email Address

Perhaps you'd rather have your visitor reach out to you via e-mail?

No problem - just input the email address you want to direct them to and, voilà, when the human takeover signal is activated, the chatbot will suggest that the visitor reaches out to the provided email address.

Run Code

Having the ability to run code when the human takeover signal is activated, gives you even more flexibility.

For example, you could set it up to embed live chat on your site. This way, whenever a visitor asks for human support, Answerly will run your code and bring up a live chat widget for instant chat!

Also, much like the 'Redirect to URL' option, you can set a delay before the code runs and provide an explanation of what the code is for.

So, if your code brings up your live chat widget and you say it's "a live chat where the agent is waiting to talk", then the chatbot will tell your visitor "Please stand by while I bring up our live chat widget. Our agent can't wait to talk to you." 😎


Yep, that's right. If you'd rather not use human takeover, you can simply disable it - and if anyone asks to speak to a human, the chatbot will politely explain that it can't make that connection.

And that, my friends, is the rundown of how Human Takeover works at Answerly! I hope this helps and remember, I'm always here to answer any additional questions. Happy chatting! 😊