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How to enable Instant Embed

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Instant Embed is a code that acts like a tunnel between your website and all Answerly widgets. After you enable Instant Embed, you can show or hide any of our widgets with one click from inside the Answerly Dashboard.  

You can see an explanation of Instant Embed in the diagram below:

instant embed example

Enabling Instant Embed is very easy and is done so by installing a single line of code in your website.

Step 1

Copy the Instant Embed code on the right by clicking the blue copy button:

instant embed copy code

Step 2

Install the copied code at the footer section in your website. Make sure this code is installed across all your HTML pages, and not just page. 

instant embed code install

Step 3

Go back to the Answerly dashboard and click the button "I have installed the code"

i have installed widget code

Step 4

This is the final step where we confirm to Answerly that we have installed the code, as you can see in the picture below: 


instant embed confirm waiting

Leave this window in your browser open, and then go to your website where you have installed the Instant Embed code, and open a few pages in your browser so the Instant Embed code can run. 

Answerly will automatically detect the installation, and now you can click "Enable instant embed"

instant embed enabling

After you enable Instant Embed, a new window will appear giving you many widget embedding options! 


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